The vast majority of Employees sign employment agreements without getting any legal advice. Often the significance of these agreements only becomes clear when the employee is terminated. Terms that: restrict severance, impose non-solicitation or non-competition obligations, can be disasterous to the terminated employee’s attempts to find re-employment.

Employers impose significant and onerous obligations on employees usually without any discussion-providing the agreement after the employee has accepted the offer of employment or making offers subject to acceptance of terms and policies that you haven’t had a chance to review nor consider.  The important thing to realize is that the Employers’ lawyers have drafted the employment agreement and have already provided extensive legal advice to the employer. You -the employee, are the only party entering a contract and an important new relationship without legal advice. 

Get advice on:

  • Your employment agreement
  • Your obligations
  • Your Employer’s obligations
  • Severance agreements
  • Golden parachute agreements
  • Non-competition provisions
  • Non-solicitation provisions
  • Relocation and education payback provisions
  • Intellectual property agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Stock option, PSU, RSU and Discounted Stock purchase agreements
  • Bonus agreements
  • Active employment provisions
  • Post-employment fiduciary duties
  • International and extra provincial agreements and the enforceability of same
  • Representations and their inclusion in the employment agreement
  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • And more

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