Employees at all levels of responsibilities have daily access to their Employer’s property including: cash, cheques, software, intellectual property and other personal property.  As a result, Employees are the first people considered as the suspect when property goes missing.  

Employment investigation

Employees who steal or defraud their Employers, and who are convicted of these offences, most often go to jail. Courts look unkindly on this type of trust theft and punish the employee accordingly. 

The lead up to criminal charges of Theft or Fraud, is often an “employment investigation” that results in the Employees termination for Cause (gross misconduct). This “employment investigation” also regularly elicits statements from the employee that are then used against the employee in the prosecution of the resulting criminal charges.

It is imperative that an employee facing such an investigation or charges gets immediate and informed advice before they make matters worse.

We have been defending trust Thefts (and Frauds) charges and regularly provide advice to employees facing theft and fraud investigations for over 20 years. 

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