Calgary Employment Lawyers
Over 20 years of experience helping employees in wrongful dismissal and all other employment and workplace issues

Located in Calgary, Calgary Employment provides advice to and represents employees with all issues arising throughout the employment relationship -from pre-hiring to post termination.

The lawyers at Calgary Employment have been representing Employees with their employment and workplace issues for over 20 years in Calgary and throughout Alberta. We provide legal advice and representation to Chief Executive Officers and other Executives through to all levels of managers, supervisors and front line employees.

We advise employees on pre-hiring issues so that they know their obligations under the proposed employment agreement but we also ensure they know their rights. Issues like restrictions to severance and non-competition agreements are most often not understood by the employee.

We also provide advice on a myriad of issues during the employment relationship, including changes to the employment agreement made by the employer (Constructive Dismissal), consequences of take-overs to severance agreements, abuse by supervisors (intolerable workplace), and many more. We regularly sue employers for wrongful and constructive dismissal and defend employees from actions by their former employers.

Other lawyers regularly consult with us on their client’s employment law issues.

Over the last 20 years, our firm has collected annually, millions of dollars worth of severance for our clients that would not otherwise have been paid. We have also successfully defended hundreds of employees in actions by their former employer seeking damages in the range of thousands to millions of dollars.

Finally, our firm has a reputation for providing employees with informed and practical advice as well as the preparedness and most importantly the ability to litigate and go to trial as required.

An employee’s right to severance is employee specific.